At Performance Computers, LLC, we take pride in offering professional soldering and microsoldering services performed primarily in-house by our skilled technicians. Rest assured that most repairs, including board-level diagnostics and component replacements, are handled by our experts right here in our facility.

What is Soldering and Microsoldering?

Soldering and microsoldering are precise techniques used to join or repair electronic components on circuit boards and other devices. Our in-house expertise ensures that your devices receive the highest level of care and attention to detail throughout the repair process.

Our In-House Expertise

  1. Board-Level Repair:
    • The majority of board-level repairs are performed in-house by our experienced technicians. From diagnosing issues to replacing damaged components, we have the tools and expertise to restore functionality to your electronic devices without the need for third-party services.
  2. Data Recovery:
    • Our microsoldering experts can perform delicate repairs to retrieve data from damaged storage components, preserving your valuable information securely within our facility.
  3. Water Damage Repair:
    • We specialize in repairing water-damaged electronic components in-house, including corrosion removal and component replacement. With the majority of our water damage repairs handled by our experienced technicians on-site, you can trust us to provide quick turnaround times and reliable results. This ensures that your device is back in your hands as soon as possible, without the need for third-party services.

Benefits of Soldering and Microsoldering

  • In-House Expertise: With the majority of repairs performed in-house, we maintain control over quality and turnaround times, ensuring that your devices are back in your hands as quickly as possible.
  • Precision and Accuracy: Our skilled technicians use advanced soldering equipment and techniques to ensure precise and accurate repairs, even on the smallest electronic components.

Common Applications

  • Smartphone Repair: From damaged charging ports to faulty connectors, trust our in-house soldering and microsoldering services for a wide range of smartphone repairs.
  • Computer Repair: Repair damaged circuit boards, connectors, and other components in computers and laptops with confidence, knowing that most repairs are handled in-house by our experts.
  • Consumer Electronics: Whether it’s gaming consoles, smart home devices, or audio equipment, rely on our technicians for in-house board-level repairs to keep your devices running smoothly.